Payment Options

The Chiropractic Health And Wellness Center understands that providing flexible payment options allows you to budget for your healthcare needs. We provide a variety of payment options for our wellness patients and acute care patients. We offer financial plans for patients with no insurance or those with limited chiropractic coverage.


If you have insurance, our office will verify your insurance benefits and bill your insurance company on your behalf. Payment is expected at the time of service.

Our Doctors are in-network with:

  • Anthem PPO Policies
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Policies
  • Cigna PPO Policies (Cigna Great West is considered out-of-network)
  • Cigna Open Access and Open Access Plus: Most policies are considered in-network. A small percentage are considered out-of-network. Please call Cigna to find out if we are in/out-of-network for your policy. 

Our Doctors are out-of-network with Anthem Healthkeepers and any HMO Policies. We do not submit billing for these policies. Patients with these policies are considered self-pay in our office. 


If you do not have insurance, we provide self-pay options for care. Many of our patients are happy to discover how affordable chiropractic care can be. We can provide payment plan options and work with you and your finances to help you receive the care to become well. Please call our office for more specific cost of care estimates.


We provide wellness/maintenance chiropractic care for our patients who have reached that status of health and stability. Wellness care is supportive care given to maintain optimal health and wellness after any medically necessary care has been completed. During your initial visit with our doctors, your chiropractic care goals will be discussed and the doctors will determine if your care is categorized as medically necessary or wellness/maintenance.

You may call the front desk for further information on payment details for wellness care, but only our doctors can determine the category of care you will receive AFTER your initial exam.

Personal Injury/Motor Vehicle Accidents

Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Accident cases are accepted in our office.

Payment at the time of care is required for these cases.

Option 1: We are able to utilize your health insurance coverage for this type of care, if we are participating with your health insurance company. Please see above for a list of these companies.

Option 2: If you do not have health insurance with one of these companies, we are able to provide you with a billing statement so you can submit your cost of care to your auto insurance company, if you have opted for Med-Pay coverage on your individual auto policy.

CHAWC will not bill your auto insurance company directly; however you are able to submit your bills, if you choose to do so. Payment at the time of care is required if you choose to utilize this auto insurance benefit. Please see your individual policy or call your auto insurance company to determine if you opted for this coverage.

Option 3: Self-Pay. Please see above for more details.

Worker's Compensation

There are many variables regarding Worker's Compensation and healthcare providers. Please contact you Worker’s Compensation company to find out how you should proceed.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I can't believe how professional, efficient, and effective the entire staff is at CHAWC. I am out and on my way to work in a short time, while achieving maximum results."
    Jodie Richmond, VA
  • "I have suffered from lower back and sciatica pain for over two years now. Prior to my visit to this practice, I have been x-rayed, tested, MRI, countless specialists visits and not to mention the costs associated with all of that. I have been in chiropractors' offices before and they usually adjust my back and the pain decrease for a day or two but never goes away. Dr. Cally was thorough, knowledgeable in her specialty, and kind. Although, I was skeptical at first but, Dr. Cally's knowledge put me at ease. Needless to say, now I am pain free. Not only she is good with her patients but once you walk-in that office you will feel the good vibe from her staff (happy employee means happy customer), which tells me she is treating her staff good as well. Thank you, Dr. Cally for all you do. You and your practice are hard to find these days. Keep up the good work."
    Dr. Beygatt, PhD
  • "Dr. Jo has been such a blessing and resource for my health and my back. I have been doing chiropractic for about 15 years, and Dr. Jo's treatments and home therapies have seriously changed my life and my back and neck in the past year. I am in awe of how much better I feel overall and so appreciate their dedication to my health and well-being!"
  • "Dr. Cally Parks has so greatly impacted my overall well being! Her thorough and compassionate care has lead me to feeling my best. I highly recommend her to anyone with any back or hip pain."
  • "I can't say enough good things about Dr. Jo and the rest of the staff. I've never enjoyed a medical treatment so much. Every time I come in, I feel like I'm seeing good friends. Chiropractic Care has changed my life for the better, and I believe the philosophy at CHAWC has been key to my success. I have recommended CHAWC to many and will continue to do so!"
  • "I am very impressed with the quality of care and knowledge of Drs. in this clinic. My quality of life has improved drastically and I am able to do things now that I have not in a few years. Dr. Cally and Dr. Jo have made a difference for me. Laura and Julie are so welcoming, as well as willing to work with your schedule so you can reach your health goals. Thank you Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center!!!"